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Name Category Phone Map Location
Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet Fashion Accessories 781-582-1526 H
American Eagle Outfitters *Sale* Fashion Accessories, Shoes 781.585.6989 B
American Eagle Outfitters *Sale* Fashion Accessories 781.585.6989 B
American Eagle Outfitters *Sale* Shoes 781.585.6989 B
Ancient Eyebrow Threading Services 781.585-4949 C
Ancient Wellness Services 781.585.2777 D
Auntie Annes Specialty Foods 781.585.0781 C
Big Top Playland Entertainment 781.585.6106 B
Billy Beez Entertainment 781. 361.7030 J
Cali Trends Fashion Accessories 781-585-5100 H
Candy Man Specialty Foods 781.585.5045 C
Cell Fashion Fashion Accessories 781.585.5960 B
Champs Sports Shoes 781.585.3802 B
Charlotte Russe Fashion Accessories, Shoes 781.585.1085 H
Charlotte Russe Fashion Accessories 781.585.1085 H
Charlotte Russe Shoes 781.585.1085 H
Clarks Outlet Shoes 781-582-1694 D
Country Marketplace Specialty Retail 781.585.4479 D
Deb Mayhew Artistry Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail 781-585-1800 B
Deb Mayhew Artistry Fashion Accessories 781-585-1800 B
Deb Mayhew Artistry Specialty Retail 781-585-1800 B
Designer Warehouse Fashion Accessories 781-585-5100 H
Dunkin Donuts Dining, Food Court 781.422.2268 K
Dunkin Donuts Dining 781.422.2268 K
Dunkin Donuts Food Court 781.422.2268 K
Fan Zone Specialty Retail 781-585-8876 G
Friends of Plymouth Pound Pets 508.224.6651 F
Fuji Chen Dining, Food Court 781.582.8488 K
Fuji Chen Dining 781.582.8488 K
Fuji Chen Food Court 781.582.8488 K
GNC Health & Beauty 781.582.1729 D
Hollister Fashion Accessories 781.422.2239 B
Instyle Fragrances Perfume & Cologne, Specialty Retail 781 582 3984 Kiosk
Instyle Fragrances Perfume & Cologne 781 582 3984 Kiosk
Instyle Fragrances Specialty Retail 781 582 3984 Kiosk
Journey's Shoes 781.585.5034 C
K1 Speed Entertainment 339-309-0435 K
Koko FitClub Health & Beauty, Services 781-582-2020 H
Koko FitClub Health & Beauty 781-582-2020 H
Koko FitClub Services 781-582-2020 H
Lenscrafters Services 781.585.4175 D
Lids Fashion Accessories 781.585.6492 K
Lord's & Lady's *Sale* Services 781.422.0180 J
Mac Express - Apple Specialist Electronics 781-585-1064 A
Macy's Anchor Stores 781.585.1400 Anchor
MasterCuts Services 781.585.8858 A
Maziply Toys & Collectibles Toys & Games 781-582-8697 C
Medieval Starship Entertainment, Specialty Retail 781-585-4454 B
Medieval Starship Entertainment 781-585-4454 B
Medieval Starship Specialty Retail 781-585-4454 B
Metro PCS Cell Phone Services 781-422-1299 K
Mystery Room Entertainment 781-422-7360 G
Nail Gallery Services 781.582.8616 G
New York & Company Outlet *Sale* Fashion Accessories 781.582.2350 H
Newbury Comics Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail 781.422.0119 J
Newbury Comics Fashion Accessories 781.422.0119 J
Newbury Comics Specialty Retail 781.422.0119 J
Palace Hair Design Services 781.582.9980 G
Payless ShoeSource Shoes 781.582.2551 E
Pearle Vision Services 781.585.1668 E
Pizzeria Regina Dining, Food Court 781.585.6444 K
Pizzeria Regina Dining 781.585.6444 K
Pizzeria Regina Food Court 781.585.6444 K
Pump 'n' Jump Entertainment 781.585.7867 D
Regal Cinemas Entertainment 844-462-7342 #446 K
Shatter and Case Cell Phone Services, Services, Specialty Retail 718-764-3396 H
Shatter and Case Cell Phone Services 718-764-3396 H
Shatter and Case Services 718-764-3396 H
Shatter and Case Specialty Retail 718-764-3396 H
Sky Zone Trampoline Park Entertainment 781-514-7595 F
Spencer's Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail 781.582.2100 B
Spencer's Fashion Accessories 781.582.2100 B
Spencer's Specialty Retail 781.582.2100 B
Starbucks Dining, Specialty Foods 781.585.5825 Inside Target
Starbucks Dining 781.585.5825 Inside Target
Starbucks Specialty Foods 781.585.5825 Inside Target
Subway Dining, Food Court 781.422.0175 K
Subway Dining 781.422.0175 K
Subway Food Court 781.422.0175 K
Sun Touch 2 Specialty Retail 781-585-7085 G
Sunglass Hut Fashion Accessories 781.585.1400 Inside Macy's
Target Anchor Stores 781.585.5825 Anchor
Target Pharmacy Services 781.585.6337 Anchor
Victoria's Secret Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail, Women's Apparel 781.582.2230 G
Victoria's Secret Fashion Accessories 781.582.2230 G
Victoria's Secret Specialty Retail 781.582.2230 G
Victoria's Secret Women's Apparel 781.582.2230 G
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Dining, Entertainment, Food Court, Restaurants, Services, Specialty Food 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Dining 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Entertainment 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Food Court 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Restaurants 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Services 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Specialty Food 781-679-2797 B
Wayback Burgers Restaurants 781-585-9900 J
Yankee Candle *Sale* Specialty Retail 781.585.1691 A
Yogibo Home Furnishings & Accessories, Specialty Retail 781-585-3085 B
Yogibo Home Furnishings & Accessories 781-585-3085 B
Yogibo Specialty Retail 781-585-3085 B
Zumiez Men's Apparel, Sporting Goods & Apparel, Toys & Games, Women's Apparel 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Men's Apparel 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Sporting Goods & Apparel 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Toys & Games 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Women's Apparel 781.585.4167 J

Regal Cinemas 14

Phone: 781.582.2000 446#


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K1 Speed

Phone: 339.309.0435


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Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Phone: 781-514-7595 









Big Top Playland

Phone: 781.585.6106


Billy Beez

Phone: 781. 361.7030 









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Food Court


Pizzeria Regina

Fuji Chen

Dunkin Donuts

Auntie Annes (Outside Food Court)

Starbucks (Inside Target)


Wayback Burgers












Waxy's Modern Irish Bar + Kitchen








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Cinemas 14

781.582.2000 446#


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