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Name Category Phone Map Location
Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet Fashion Accessories 781-582-1526 H
American Eagle Outfitters Fashion Accessories, Shoes 781.585.6989 B
American Eagle Outfitters Fashion Accessories 781.585.6989 B
American Eagle Outfitters Shoes 781.585.6989 B
Ancient Eyebrow Threading Services 781.585-4949 C
Ancient Wellness Services 781.585.2777 D
Auntie Annes Specialty Foods 781.585.0781 C
Big Top Playland Entertainment 781.585.6106 B
Cali Trends Fashion Accessories 781-585-5100 H
Candy Man Specialty Foods 781.585.5045 C
Cell Fashion Fashion Accessories 781.585.5960 B
Champs Sports Shoes 781.585.3802 B
Charlotte Russe Fashion Accessories, Shoes 781.585.1085 H
Charlotte Russe Fashion Accessories 781.585.1085 H
Charlotte Russe Shoes 781.585.1085 H
Clarks Outlet Shoes 781-582-1694 D
Country Marketplace Specialty Retail 781.585.4479 D
Deb Mayhew Artistry Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail 781-585-1800 B
Deb Mayhew Artistry Fashion Accessories 781-585-1800 B
Deb Mayhew Artistry Specialty Retail 781-585-1800 B
Designer Warehouse Fashion Accessories 781-585-5100 H
Dunkin Donuts Dining, Food Court 781.422.2268 K
Dunkin Donuts Dining 781.422.2268 K
Dunkin Donuts Food Court 781.422.2268 K
Fan Zone Specialty Retail 781-585-8876 G
Friends of Plymouth Pound Pets 508.224.6651 F
Fuji Chen Dining, Food Court 781.582.8488 K
Fuji Chen Dining 781.582.8488 K
Fuji Chen Food Court 781.582.8488 K
GNC Health & Beauty 781.582.1729 D
Hollister Fashion Accessories 781.422.2239 B
Journey's Shoes 781.585.5034 C
K1 Speed Entertainment 339-309-0435 K
Lenscrafters Services 781.585.4175 D
Lids Fashion Accessories 781.585.6492 K
Lord's & Lady's Services 781.422.0180 J
Mac Express - Apple Specialist Electronics 781-585-1064 A
Macy's Anchor Stores 781.585.1400 Anchor
Mama Chef Dining, Food Court 561-692-3002 K
Mama Chef Dining 561-692-3002 K
Mama Chef Food Court 561-692-3002 K
MasterCuts Services 781.585.8858 A
Maziply Toys & Collectibles Toys & Games 781-582-8697 C
Medieval Starship Entertainment, Specialty Retail 781-585-4454 B
Medieval Starship Entertainment 781-585-4454 B
Medieval Starship Specialty Retail 781-585-4454 B
Metro PCS Cell Phone Services 781-422-1299 K
Mystery Room Entertainment 781-422-7360 G
Nail Gallery Services 781.582.8616 G
New York & Company Outlet Fashion Accessories 781.582.2350 H
Newbury Comics Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail 781.422.0119 J
Newbury Comics Fashion Accessories 781.422.0119 J
Newbury Comics Specialty Retail 781.422.0119 J
Palace Hair Design Services 781.582.9980 G
Payless ShoeSource Shoes 781.582.2551 E
Pearle Vision Services 781.585.1668 E
Pizzeria Regina Dining, Food Court 781.585.6444 K
Pizzeria Regina Dining 781.585.6444 K
Pizzeria Regina Food Court 781.585.6444 K
Pump 'n' Jump Entertainment 781.585.7867 D
Regal Cinemas Entertainment 844-462-7342 #446 K
Sky Zone Trampoline Park Entertainment 781-514-7595 F
Spencer's Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail 781.582.2100 B
Spencer's Fashion Accessories 781.582.2100 B
Spencer's Specialty Retail 781.582.2100 B
Starbucks Dining, Specialty Foods 781.585.5825 Inside Target
Starbucks Dining 781.585.5825 Inside Target
Starbucks Specialty Foods 781.585.5825 Inside Target
Subway Dining, Food Court 781.422.0175 K
Subway Dining 781.422.0175 K
Subway Food Court 781.422.0175 K
Sun Touch 2 Specialty Retail 781-585-7085 G
Sunglass Hut Fashion Accessories 781.585.1400 Inside Macy's
Target Anchor Stores 781.585.5825 Anchor
Target Pharmacy Services 781.585.6337 Anchor
Victoria's Secret Fashion Accessories, Specialty Retail, Women's Apparel 781.582.2230 G
Victoria's Secret Fashion Accessories 781.582.2230 G
Victoria's Secret Specialty Retail 781.582.2230 G
Victoria's Secret Women's Apparel 781.582.2230 G
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Dining, Entertainment, Food Court, Restaurants, Services, Specialty Food 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Dining 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Entertainment 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Food Court 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Restaurants 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Services 781-679-2797 B
Waxy's Modern Irish Bar Specialty Food 781-679-2797 B
Yankee Candle Specialty Retail 781.585.1691 A
Yogibo Home Furnishings & Accessories, Specialty Retail 781-585-3085 B
Yogibo Home Furnishings & Accessories 781-585-3085 B
Yogibo Specialty Retail 781-585-3085 B
Zumiez Men's Apparel, Sporting Goods & Apparel, Toys & Games, Women's Apparel 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Men's Apparel 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Sporting Goods & Apparel 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Toys & Games 781.585.4167 J
Zumiez Women's Apparel 781.585.4167 J

Regal Cinemas 14

Phone: 781.582.2000 446#


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K1 Speed

Phone: 339.309.0435


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Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Phone: 781-514-7595 









Big Top Playland

Phone: 781.585.6106



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A fun children’s complex offering a mix of activities that will encourage physical, mental, and social development. The Honey Café, located within the space, will offer a variety of healthy snacks and drinks – and will provide catering for birthday parties and private events. The play park is filled with colorful murals featuring the playful Billy Beez family of bees, three dimensional thematic elements, and giant play structures.




Food Court


Pizzeria Regina

Fuji Chen

Dunkin Donuts

Mama Chef

Auntie Annes (Outside Food Court)

Starbucks (Inside Target)


Wayback Burgers



Waxy's Modern Irish Bar









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Cinemas 14

781.582.2000 446#


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