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Reality Zombies Holographic Arcade Opens at Kingston Collection

Published: 12/21/2018

Reality Zombies Holographic Arcade Opens at Kingston Collection
The world’s premiere augmented reality arcade experience launches on Boston’s south shore

Kingston, Mass – Total Respawn, a Boston-based startup out of the MIT Play Labs accelerator, today announced the grand opening of Reality Zombies, the world’s premiere holographic arcade experience at the Kingston Collection.  Powered by the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset, Reality Zombies pits players against hordes of holographic zombies that look and sound as though they are a part of the real world.

“We’re at a point now where most people have tried some sort of VR experience, where users are completely immersed in a virtual world,” says founder and CEO, Mark Belmarsh, “but Reality Zombies is really remarkable because it is effectively the world’s first ‘real-world’ video game, where VR and the real world are blended together in augmented reality.”

Reality Zombies takes on a similar format to a traditional arcade game, with the major difference being that game elements are rendered in real-world 3d space as opposed to a 2d screen. Players Strap on the Hololens and get equipped with a blaster being precisely tracked by the Sixense Stem tracking system and face off against increasingly difficult hordes of holographic zombies bearing down upon them.

“The technology is really something that you have to experience,” says Belmarsh, “Pictures and videos just don’t do it justice.  It’s a real ‘wow’ moment to experience holding a controller in your hand with a perfectly tracked hologram over it, or the natural reaction to get out of the way of holograms coming at you as if they were real.”

Reality Zombies is recommended for ages 7+, and at a $10-$15 price range for the two available game modes, it makes a great compliment to some of the neighboring destination entertainment venues like Pinz Bowling, Skyzone and Banana Bill’s Laser Tag also located at the Kingston Collection.